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The Arlington Players

It's A Wonderful Life: a radio play adapted by Joe Landry

Frank Capra’s 1946 classic Christmas story about a man who is brought to the brink of despair only to be shown that his life of sacrifice and service is both important and full of joy. Joe Landry’s radio adaptation condenses the story while preserving the great dialogue and memorable scenes from the film.


Dates and Times

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About the Show


George BaileyRyan Desrosiers
Mary Bailey Rachael Fine
Clarence OddbodyKevin Dykstra
Mr. PotterTom Howley
JosephBrian Lyons-Burke
Violet BickAnnaBelle Lowe
The Bailey ChildrenMariah Fraker

Production Team

Director Alden Michels
ProducerAndy Goldman
Executive Producer Reland Finch