The Arlington Players

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg: a radio play

The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg adapts Mark Twain’s work for the radio, showing how one stranger can reveal the hypocrisy of supposedly honest individuals. This stranger, wronged by one individual in town, sets out to prove the fickle nature of the individuals within it by offering them a rich reward. Will the town prove their reputation for goodness to be true or will they fall victim to greed?


Dates and Times

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About the Show


Burgess Kirstin Apker
Wilson Kevin Dykstra
Cox/Man #1 Corey Estoll
Announcer/Narrator/Stranger Kyle Hogan
Mrs. Cox/Johnny/Woman #2 Elizabeth Keith
HarrietSandy Kozel
Mary/Harkness Judy Lewis
Mark Twain/Man #3Alden Michels
Edward Robert Teachout

Production Team

DirectorSarah Baczewski