Director's Call

February 1, 2021

The Arlington Players (TAP) is seeking proposals from directors for Summer and Fall of 2021! While we are still faced with unprecedented times we are looking to offer directors unique opportunities.

The TAP Board of Directors (Board) recently met and held discussions on positioning TAP for another 70 years of artistic excellence in Arlington. To facilitate its upcoming show selection, the Board established a Season Planning Committee to review all proposals, research proposed shows, conduct initial director interviews, and make recommendations to the full Board for final consideration.

TAP is looking for two opportunities. First, the Board is looking for a Radio show or radio musical to premiere in June 2021. Second, TAP is looking to produce a radio series -- think weekly episodes of a radio detective show -- to premier in September 2021.

Here are some resources for potential radio shows and series:

As always, TAP wants to showcase what it does best: spectacular productions, with the added caveat of “In times of COVID.” Additionally, we are making a concerted effort to produce shows that offer diverse opportunities and will appeal to many segments of the Arlington community. It is our goal to bring the magic of theater to more members of the public. If you feel your vision can help us accomplish this goal, we would be very excited to hear from you!

If you are interested in being a Director Candidate for our upcoming season, kindly submit your information to us by February 16th, 2021. All submissions should be emailed to Submissions must be detailed and specific. In addition, please provide any other information you would like to include with your proposal, such as your theater resume, references, and video(s) showcasing your work if available. Please fill out this brief application with your contact information.

You will be notified by February 26th, 2021 if your submission has been selected for further consideration. The committee will schedule preliminary director interviews in early March. Final recommendations and decisions will be made by March 12th and presented to the board during the March 17th Board meeting.

If you would like to discuss this further on the phone or over Zoom, please do not hesitate to email me at Thank you for taking the time to respond to our request. I hope we can work together soon!

Austin Fodrie

Season Planning Coordinator

The Arlington Players

Activity: Description
Show Selection 1) Appeals to multiple generations of audience members, 2) Epic Themes, 3) Multi-generational and diverse cast, 4) Has not been performed by a competitor theater within the last 5 years
Concept/Clarity of Vision The Director articulated their vision for the proposed show with specific clarity.  The Director is able to articulate with specificity the plot, scenes, artistic elements, and nuances of the production that demonstrate a well-defined, clear, and thoughtful vision that is supported by the script.
Vision is Cost Effective The Director has articulated a clear sensitivity to cost concerns in their proposal. They have outlined numerous ways their vision can be executed without compromising the artistry.
Inclusivity The Director has articulated a clear commitment to inclusive casting. The vision for the show is inherently inclusive or several roles are presented as examples for opportunities for inclusive casting.  Inclusivity means a mixture of age, race, and sex.