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Thinking about auditioning for a show? Worried about singing? Don't know a monologue? That's okay!

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Audition Information

Please read the audition form linked at the bottom of this page for full instructions.

No roles are pre-cast. TAP welcomes actors of all levels of experience; auditions can be competitive.

Auditions will include 16-32 bars of a musical theater song not from Curtains that best shows off your voice. You will also learn a short dance routine so dress accordingly. All roles will require some amount of dancing. Instead of our routine, you may choose to prepare your own one-minute dance audition to show off your talents; a bluetooth speaker will be made available for this if desired. There are not planned readings from the script at initial auditions. Sign up to reserve your preferred audition time.

Performances run April 26-May 11.


Lieutenant Frank Cioffi: The central character, a Local Boston detective who is also very interested in musical theatre. Aside from being exceptionally good at his job, he has also aspired to be a musical theatre performer. He falls in love with Niki and they get engaged. (VOCAL RANGE: A-FLAT2 to E4)

Niki Harris: Pretty, naïve ingénue. Niki is playing a supporting role and is Jessica Crenshaw's understudy in the show-within-the-show during its Boston tryout. She is eager to make her Broadway debut. She meets and falls in love with Detective Frank Cioffi, who is investigating a murder at the theatre. (VOCAL RANGE: C4 to E5)

Georgia Hendricks: Female half of songwriting team. Ends up taking on the leading lady role of the show-within-the-show. (VOCAL RANGE: G3 to E5)

Carmen Bernstein: The show's brassy producer, unhappily married to Sidney, and Bambi's estranged mother. Highly comical role – must have a strong belt voice. Carmen has always belittled Bambi in public, but for a nice reason. (VOCAL RANGE: LOW E-FLAT3 to E5)

Aaron Fox: The composer of the show-within-the-show. His songwriting partner, Georgia, is also his ex-wife from whom he's separated but still loves. (VOCAL RANGE: B-FLAT2 to G-FLAT4)

Bobby Pepper: The choreographer and male star of the show within the show. A handsome Gene Kelly type who is the one shining star in an otherwise dire show. He is Aaron's charming rival and the current boyfriend of Georgia. A strong singer and even stronger dancer. (VOCAL RANGE: A2 to E4)

Christopher Belling: English director. Camp and funny. (VOCAL RANGE: B2 to E4)

Bambi Bernét: Performer in the chorus and daughter of Carmen, the lead producer. Hungry to work her way up to leading performer; she has a contentious relationship with her mother, who insists on calling her by her real name, Elaine. She changed her name to Bambi because in the Disney movie, hunters kill Bambi's mother. (VOCAL RANGE: C4 to C5)

Daryl Grady: A theatre critic for the local Boston newspaper, the Boston Globe. He enjoys using the power he has to make or break shows during their out-of-town tryouts. (May also be a member of the ensemble.)

Johnny Harmon: The Stage Manager of the show-within-the-show. Johnny is gruff but lovable. He keeps the company in line and on their toes throughout the rehearsal process.

Oscar Shapiro: The general manager and sole investor. An agreeable if slightly gruff man. He is always looking for any angle to find money. (VOCAL RANGE: B-FLAT2 to E4)

Sidney Bernstein: The co-producer of an out of town flop. Sidney is tough and self-serving. (May also be a member of the ensemble.)

Jessica Crenshaw: Fading Hollywood star. A diva, who has no right to be one, she is a terrible singer, dancer and actress who stars in the show within a show and is murdered on its opening night. (VOCAL RANGE: G4 to D5)

Sasha Iljinsky: The European conductor of the show within the show; played by the orchestra's actual conductor.

Randy Dexter: One of the male ensemble actors of the show within the show. (VOCAL RANGE: A2 to E-FLAT4)

Harv Fremont: One of the male ensemble actors of the show within the show, Randy's sidekick. (VOCAL RANGE: A2 to E-FLAT4)

Detective O'Farrell: Cioffi's associate from the Boston Police Department, assists in the investigation. (May also be a member of the ensemble.)

Ensemble: An ensemble of 5-6 singers/dancers will also be cast.

Audition Dates

February 11 and 12 from 6:30pm to 10pm.

Callbacks will be held February 16 from 10:30am to 5pm. Not being called to participate in callbacks does not necessarily mean you are not being considered for the cast.

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Note: All who auditioned will be notified as to whether they were cast or not.

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