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A Daughter's A Daughter by Agatha Christie

A Daughter's A Daughter by Agatha Christie

Audition Information

Please read the audition form (also linked at the bottom of this page) for full instructions. You may fill the form out in advance and bring it with you to auditions or fill out a copy provided in person when you arrive.

No roles are pre-cast. TAP welcomes actors of all levels of experience; auditions can be competitive.

What to Prepare

All auditions will consist of reading from the sides, which can all be seen here, and individually below. No monologues. Additional sides may be provided to those invited to callbacks. Walk-ups will be accepted (please arrive no later than 9:30) but you are encouraged to sign up to reserve your preferred audition time.

There will be 8 performances over three weekends running February 1 - 14. Curtains are 8:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 3:00pm on Sundays.

This show has never before been seen in the US: A Daughter's A Daughter. Originally written under a pen name, this show is not a murder mystery, and instead focuses on the relationship between a mother and daughter. While it tackles heavy subjects and has a great deal of conflict, there are certainly moments of lightness and humor. The audience should walk away feeling that love between a mother and her daughter will ultimately win, and that forgiveness is always possible.

Cast List/ Character Descriptions

Age ranges provided are approximate, and are geared to what actors can appear as; if you think you’re a great fit for a role and don’t meet the range specified, please audition anyway! No British accents will be used. We do not precast any role. We hope to build a diverse cast with actors of all genders, races, ages, abilities, etc. If you have any questions please contact the Producers.

Read the full cast list and character descriptions here. A synopsis is below.

Ann Prentice* (Female, mid 30s-50s) In Act 1 Ann is sweet, caring, and a little old fashioned. In Act 2 and 3 she becomes nervous, unhappy, and increasingly bitter, and allows that bitterness to drive a wedge between her and Sarah. Must be able to show significant changes in personality and carriage between Act 1 and 2/3. This role will require a brief stage kiss. An intimacy choreographer will assist with the show.

Sarah Prentice* (Female, 20s-30s): A vivacious, demanding, and lovely woman, Sarah hates change. She and Richard fight continually, and eventually Ann chooses Sarah and asks Richard to leave. Act 2 and 3 see a downward slide in Sarah’s happiness and self-worth. She ultimately chooses happiness with Jerry but not before learning some hard lessons by marrying Lawrence. Must be roughly of age with Jerry, and be able to play spoiled and cruel while still being a sympathetic character. This role will require a brief stage kiss. An intimacy choreographer will assist with the show.

Dame Laura Whitstable (Female, age open from 40s to 70s) A fabulous cross between the Dowager Countess from Downtown Abbey and a wealthy eccentric aunt in academia. She’s perceptive, sarcastic, and always right. Sarah’s Godmother and Ann’s friend, she must be a commanding presence and able to deliver harsh truths with firmness and love.

Richard Cauldfield (Male, mid 30s- 50s) Ann’s fiancé in Act 1, Richard loves Ann deeply and cannot stand Sarah. He and Sarah bring out the worst in each other and ultimately Ann is forced to choose between them. Richard later visits with his new wife Doris. Must be of age or slightly older than Ann. Actor should be able be able to balance the kind caring side he shows to Ann and a frustrated, jealous side with Sarah equally convincingly. This role will require a brief stage kiss. An intimacy choreographer will assist with the show.

Edith (Female, Age open from 30s to 60s) The Prentice’s servant. She’s seen it all, has opinions on everything, and while she is the “help” she might as well be a third member of the family. Edith is not on stage simply to announce visitors, but helps both Ann and Sarah come to important realizations. The actress must be able to portray a kind but no-nonsense demeanor.

Jerry Lloyd (Male, 20s – mid 30s) A good man with bad luck, he is deeply in love with Sarah the entire play. He convinces her to leave Lawrence and run away with him to Argentina. The actor should be able to balance love sickness with Sarah in the first act tempered with some world-weariness in Act 3. Must be roughly of age with Sarah. This role will require a brief stage kiss. An intimacy choreographer will assist with the show.

Basil Mowbry (Male, 20s-30s) Artistic, cutting, and a gossip. A social butterfly and good friend of Ann’s. He’s very trendy and obsessed with the Edwardian era.

Lawrence Steene (Male, Late 20s - early 40s) Sarah’s husband. He’s wealthy, attractive, and just got divorced for the 3rd  time. There is something dangerous about him, and Sarah starts drinking excessively and doing drugs after she marries him. The actor should be charming but very subtly menacing, the kind of person who sets your teeth on edge when he shakes your hand, but you can’t figure out why.

Doris Cauldfiel (Female, late 20s-40s) Lovely inside and out, Richard marries Doris after Ann rejects him. Kind, friendly and a country girl at heart.

*Special note for Sarah & Ann: This relationship must see a natural progression into bitterness and unhappiness, so please be prepared to show a change – between each other and within the character - between Act 1 and Act 2/3. Neither of these women is all good or all bad at any point.

Audition Dates

November 12 and 14 from 7:00pm to 10pm please arrive no later than 9:30pm.

Callbacks will be held November 16 by invitation only and if needed. Not being called to participate in callbacks does not necessarily mean you are not being considered for the cast.

Sign up to reserve your audition time! (Signing up is not required but is requested.)

Note: All who auditioned will be notified as to whether they were cast or not.